Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Update!

I  haven't been here in a few days, but I'm back :D
On Monday, I decided to do #7 from my list, Write in a Journal. I am not usually the person to ever write a journal, but I decided to make one. Hopefully, I will get more than a few pages in within the next year! 
On Tuesday, I decided to do #23, Make Jell-O! I used to make Jell-O all the time at my Grandma's house! We would make it together, and it was always fun to eat when it was finished setting! We always couldn't wait the four hours though, and would end up eating it why it was setting! It was a great sweet treat to make, and it only took 5 minutes! I recommend you make it if you have it in the pantry!
Today, I decided on doing #3 from my list, Run Through the House Naked Singing Loudly. This sounds like possibly the weirdest/stupidest idea I could have put on my "50 Things To Do When Bored" list, and it is. I chose it today because it is the middle of the week, and I have been pretty busy, so it seemed easy, and not long. But, I never really ended up doing it since it didn't seem right. A bit goofy right? I recommend instead blasting some music in your room and dancing! That is so much better!
bye, and ttyl.

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