Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anya Says Hello World!

Hello and Good Day to everyone reading what I have to say!

Yesterday, while sitting in my room, while it was raining in the Pacific Northwest, I had an epiphany. At the moment, I was bored, and to be honest, I realized that maybe the reasons I have been bored lately is that maybe I haven't been living my life with as much happiness that I could be. I am in no way saying my life is bad, but everyone needs change every once and while, and I am determined to change a few things in my life, first being my attitude and perspective towards life (I can be a bit negative at times, but who isn't?).  So, while I was bored, I decided to look up on Google one of those websites, "100 Things To Do When Bored." I came across a few good ideas to keep me full with tasks, happier, and hopefully healthier in time, one of which is to do a BLOG!

But, not only did I have the idea of doing just a regular blog of me ranting and going off about the world, but I had the idea to make a more "uplifting" blog you could say, or I could say. :) I have decided for part of my blog entries to become a project for me, and hopefully an inspiring read for you; to make a list like "100 Things To Do When Bored" except I will make a list of "50 Things to Do When Bored," and, each and every day, for the next 50 days, do a task, and tell you about my adventures of non-boredom!  How does that sound to you?

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