Monday, August 23, 2010

Pre-School Clean-up? I say, YES!

Day 15 of my "50 Things To Do When Bored" list has been completed! Yippee!
I decided to do #49 from my list today which was Collect clothes, toys, etc. and send them to a Goodwill. It was an easy task that will hopefully brighten someone's day. My Mom and I gave away to our Goodwill some articles of old clothing, a couple board-games, books, and other odds and ends. My mom decided that since our garage was such a mess, it needed to be spruced up, and that gave us the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of our things and give them to someone who needed them. I was glad that I participated because it was one extra way that I could easily do something for someone without spending a lot of time. 
Have you ever considered doing something like this? If you have, I strongly suggest you do.
If you have done something like this before however, when was the last time did it? If you are having a difficult time remembering, I say, pick out a day within the next few weeks and get rid of some older gear, and give it to someone in need. It won't take you too long, and will help you clean up your space!
Please, if you have the time, do it. Although school is right around the corner, and it is a busy time of the year, doing this will help you feel like you contributed something important for others. Believe me, it won't only help you, but it will help someone else too. Take care, and get cleaning! :)

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