Friday, August 27, 2010

Update :)

Sorry once again about yesterday's late post.
Today, I decided to combine yesterday's and today's blog entry if that is okay!
I'm a bit behind the 8 ball at the moment, (school stars Monday :( )
and I have tried to do as much as I can to prepare for the first day! I recently got my permit which was very exciting, and have started a bit of behind-the-wheel driving. It has been exciting, nerve-racking, crazy, ohhh the list continues! 
Anyway, yesterday, the 18th day of this "adventure" I might call it, I spent Reorganizing part of my Closet, #8 from my list. I neatly organized my clothes by color, and the type of clothing article. It looks quite spiffy I might add, and will be a great way to start off my school year since I won't have to worry about where certain items of mine are! :) I still have a bit of closet cleaning to do though. The floor needs a bit of a look-see.:p
Today, was a nice day! I attempted to do # 47 from my list, go a day without tv, computer, ipod, cellphone, etc. however, it did not work in the end. I am using my phone, ipod, computer, daily, and it is hard to breakaway, especially this time of the year! I am in contact with my friends, a lot! I will make sure though that I will set aside a day, or even try a week!, to go without those mainly used electronics.
Today, I decided to tackle # 10 from my list, Go through old CD's and listen to them. I went through and listened to some old Kelly Clarkson, Karaoke CD's (featuring Britney Spears, Pink, etc. haha), and Hilary Duff. I even decided to sing a little karaoke too! It was fun I must say! I wish I looked through more CD's, although time ran short. My Mom and Dad have a lot of 60's and 70's music which always gets interesting listening to. Hehe. I will make sure to look more in the future! 
This weekend and next week will be crazy, but I will come back and work on this crazy fun blog!
Check in soon. Take care.

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