Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Keep Singing...

Today I decided doing #30 from my list, Sing Karaoke. 
I used to sing quite a bit when I was younger. Like many other young girls, I had the dream that I would one day become a famous singer. Although that isn't want I want to do now or anytime soon, I still sing. Usually on a long car ride, I will bust out my Ipod and sing some of my favorite music, which my parents and brother aren't too thrilled at the idea of hearing me constantly for a couple hours. :)
It was nice getting out my old karaoke machine today, and putting in some old Kelly Clarkson music, and singing. I sang to her song "A Moment Like This" which is a favorite of mine. When I was in the 5th grade, I decided to sing that very song at my 5th grade talent show. It was nice singing it once again.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Bring out those vocals from within! It is a anxiety reducer, (for me anyway) and a good way to sing some good tunes. Remember, if you are feeling stressed, just keep singing, and it will help it go away...
Take care.

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