Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1 of My "Adventure!"

It has been the first day of my task filled "50 Things To Do When Bored" project, and so far I am sure glad  that I decided to do such a project as this. I can already tell that I made the right choice of deciding to not only create a blog, but make a project out of it!
I began my first day off well. I decided to begin this experience by picking #26 from my list: Go for a bike ride. However, this task didn't exactly get pulled off easily...
I have been lucky enough to be spending my last little while up in the Pacific Northwest. BTW, if you are ever thinking about coming up here to this area, do it in a heartbeat! It is beautiful and so relaxing. It feels like once you are here, you enter a completely different world and vibe--it is much more relaxed. The summers have the best weather, food, activities, and so much more! Come and join what it has to offer up here! Back to today though...I haven't been eating the healthiest lately (I have a sweet tooth!) and felt that exercise was the perfect remedy. Just before I was about to go for a bike ride, (around Noon) I noticed outside that it was raining! It wasn't an hour before! :( However, I was given the opportunity 3 hours later to take a ride around, and that is just what I did. I had my brother along for the ride, the wind's breeze pushing me along, the smell of the nearby sea, and of course the scenery to make the experience even more memorable. 
I say, if you are ever feeling the blues from anything, go for a ride! It will be the perfect remedy for any pain.
So far, this has been a great experience...Day 1 might be done, but I still got 49 days down the road of excitement!!... 

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