Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 is Already Written Through!

I have finished Day 2, and for today, decided to do task #18 which is Write a Letter to Someone Special. I enjoy writing letters for my family and friends, and instead of writing one, I wrote two today (however, I will not disclose their identities!). While writing, I sat outside by the beach and watched the boats go by. What a lovely way to spend a beautiful afternoon! 
However, doing this particular task got me thinking...Because of the new, booming technology that has come out recently, are we loosing the more loving, friendly, forms of communication that we used to have?  I wish everyone wrote letters still (like old times!) since it isn't as common anymore to write a letter and ship it, then it is to send out an email. Our world seems to be becoming less genuine and sincere! 
I say, if you have a few extra minutes and a stamp, spend five minutes (while sitting outside!) writing a letter to someone dear and near to your heart. It won't only make your day a bit brighter, but also the receivers. 
Day 2 might be done, but most of my blogging story is yet to be written.

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