Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say Hello!

School starts so soon for me, which is crazy! :P
I am not quite that happy about it....but, I need to go and learn! 
Yesterday, I had a great day! I hung out with my BFF's, and we had fun at the mall, saw the movie Eat Pray Love, and went back to my friend Isabelle's house, and had a neighborhood party which was very exciting!
Yesterday, I decided on doing #45 from my list, Talk to a Stranger. However, instead of talking to just one stranger, I talked to more than a few! :) Since it was a neighborhood party, I got to meet a lot of new people  who were all very nice and friendly. I met a couple girls my age who went to a high school nearby, and met some older couples, while eating good food throughout! It was a wonderful evening, and I enjoyed meeting new people. 
I say, if you are faced with a new experience, take it! You will be able to meet new, and hopefully inviting people that could be future friends down the road. :) The easiest way to meet new people is by saying Hello, and asking them a little bit about themselves. Tomorrow, is my first day of my 3rd year in high school, and I am excited. Hopefully, there will be a few new people that I can meet, and become friends with, and I will make sure to say Hello. :D We will just have to wait and see!
Tomorrow, I will give you tell you about what I did from my list today, since I am going to bed now, and if I stay up later, I will be very sleepy tomorrow. Not the perfect way to start off my day! Hope your new school year starts wonderfully!
take care!

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