Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waves of Fun!

Konichiwa! Ogenkidesuka? 
If you weren't sure, I just said hello, and asked you how you were. :)
I had one of the best days today! I decided to do #42 from my list which is Spend a few hours outdoors, and like I said on my list, it really does wonders! 
Today, my family and I decided to go on a Kayak tour. We had a great time being out on the open water, and kayaking along the shore looking at the sea life and boats. It was a much different view on water than on land, and we had a blast being on the water and exploring. Maybe I will post a photo or two in the future... :)
I say, if you are ever by the ocean, go on a kayak tour with someone special to you. You will have fun looking at the scenery, and will get your arms working and wet!
I will definitely go kayaking with my family once again in the future!
I am almost at Day 10--I have completed the first 9 days of the Blogging Adventures, and I have waves to go from here... :)

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