Saturday, August 14, 2010

UNO on Day Cinco

I've been having a good summer break, but today was special since I played one of my favorite games from when I was younger. I did #48 on my "50 Things To Do When Bored" which is Play a childhood game. My brothers, Mom, Dad, and I used to play UNO all the time when we had a few spare minutes, so by surprise today, I got the game out and played it against my Dad and brother. I used to win all of the games, however I didn't put forth my best game today. :( My Dad won 4 games in a row, and my brother and I each won one. It was fun nevertheless though! :)
I know exactly what I will do tomorrow! I will do play some more games yet again! 
If you are ever feeling a little bored, have 15 spare minutes, a few friends or family, and an old deck or cards or games lying around, I say, play a game! Not only will you spend some good time with important people in your life, but you will remember the older memories from playing the games and it won't help but make you smile at the thought of it. :)
45 more days to go, and I can't wait for more days of excitement!... 

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